What is Patient to Patient transfer and why is it illegal in Mi. ?

A patient is a person registered with the State as needing to use medical marijuana for a medical condition. Patients are issued a blue P card with their caregivers information on the back or with no caregiver and the right to possess plants indicated on front of card. A Patient with a Caregiver can only get their meds. from the Caregiver designated on the back of their card. The Caregiver is responsible to manage, acquire and obtain meds. for their registered patients. Patients who can possess their own plants can grow and obtain their own meds. but can not manage other patients meds. Patients can not transfer marijuana meds between each other, just like patients with vicodin prescriptions can not legally distribute them to their friends who may need them.

ONLY Caregivers are provided a green C card and are given the responsibility to manage, grow, obtain, distribute, and marijuana to their patients. They are allowed to network with other caregivers to obtain meds for their patients, but can not distribute to any other caregivers patients. Only caregiver to caregiver networking (Safe transfers) are legal, and are the way all patients can obtain meds. NOT in dispensary or retail store fronts.